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XLA Life Fireside Chat with Dr. David Rawlings -- Gene Therapy for XLA

June's XLA Life Fireside Chat focused on Gene Therapy for XLA. We hosted our first guest speaker - Dr. David Rawlings!

Dr. Rawlings is a Professor of Pediatrics and Immunology at the University of Washington. He is the Director of the Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies (CIIT) at Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI). On top of all that, he is the Chief of the Division of Immunology at Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH). SCH is the major referral center for pediatric and adult patients in the Pacific Northwest and nation-wide with genetic immune disorders.

Dr. Rawlings leads the CIIT’s basic and translational immunology research programs which includes over 14 independent investigators, focused on human immune disorders like XLA! He also leads the Program for Cell and Gene Therapy (PCGT) developing gene replacement and gene editing approaches for genetic immune diseases, so he is the perfect guest speaker on our gene therapy chat. His independent research group includes ~25 members focused on studies of altered lymphoid development leading to immunodeficiency or autoimmunity and in development of gene therapy and editing for immune diseases.

These kinds of accolades are hard to come by in any field, so we are incredibly lucky to have Dr. Rawlings focused on XLA.

XLA Life President Austin Stack first saw Dr. Rawlings speak about XLA gene therapy at an NIH webinar in March. Shortly after, they were on a video call talking about everything XLA, and even some rock climbing! Now, Austin and Dr. Rawlings come together to chat about Gene Therapy for XLA. Hope you enjoy!

Please RSVP for the next XLA Life Fireside Chat here:


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