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What is XLA Life?

XLA Life is the first XLA-specific patient foundation. Despite its discovery as the first primary immunodeficiency in 1952, XLA remained without a patient foundation. Consequently, XLA research is limited and treatment has not significantly improved in decades.

XLA Life aims to improve the lives of all those affected by X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia (XLA) by fostering a global community to advocate, educate, and advance research. We are not just a community for patients, but also about every parent, friend, doctor, and researcher touched by XLA. We are proud to be built by the XLA community, for the XLA community.

What XLA Life aims to accomplish:

  • Build a self-sustainable and ever-growing community of people affected by XLA

  • Provide up-to-date resources relevant to XLA

  • Disseminate accessible scientific communications

  • Start a network of XLA-experienced clinicians

  • Provide access to manufacturer’s assistance for treatment

  • Collect and publish stories from those affected by XLA

We want to create a platform where XLA families and researchers can come together with a common end goal to improve the lives of all those affected by XLA. We hope that you follow us or – better yet – join our family as we seek to improve XLA quality of life.


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